Welcome Spring

After a long winter I'm so excited for spring to finally really be here. I think I'm going to take a little break from blogging and really enjoy the season. I have so many projects that I'm really looking forward to working on. Hope you all have a wonderful Spring time!

Friday, August 27

Yard sale finds

Well the yard sales for summer are coming to an end, but there is still lots of great stuff to be found. I found all of these items last weekend. The ladder I painted yellow, I think they are so fun to use for displaying. I got a great watering can that I spray painted red. I also found an assortment of clay pots, a bucket, a old wood box and a great wire basket. I spray painted them in happy colors, well my favorites, reds, yellow and green.

Once I painted the clay pots I added some flowers, poka dots and swirls. They'll be already for their debut next spring.


  1. I don't think there could be any better combination of yard sales and spray paint! You did a fabulous job of making these items look pretty and new again! And what fun colors for your yard! Love it!

  2. Cute pots. You have an awesome house, really!

  3. I love your creativity and, in fact, just did some yellow painting with red accents myself! Great minds ... I'm your newest follower and I invite you to follow me in return!

  4. So cute! love the colors and display.

  5. I love it! The ladder is an outstanding idea.

  6. Thanks for the nice comments....I love painting, it can make such a difference.


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