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After a long winter I'm so excited for spring to finally really be here. I think I'm going to take a little break from blogging and really enjoy the season. I have so many projects that I'm really looking forward to working on. Hope you all have a wonderful Spring time!

Thursday, September 30

Halloween Party Favors

 I love Halloween, you can just let your imagination run wild and have so much fun decorating.
I decided to make some party favors and this is what I came up with.

 This is Witch E., Frank E. and Mum E. (they are all relatives)
Easy and cheap to make. I used the empty roll of cardboard from my paper towels.
I cut three 3" pieces. Then I cut out of cardboard (I used a cereal box)about a two and a half " circle and hot glued it to the paper towel roll.

 For Witch E. and Frank E. I painted it all black and after it dried I painted some light green for the face.
For Mum E. I used a black maker for his eyes and added a small bump for his nose. I wrapped him in 1"strips of cheesecloth that I spray painted lightly with a little black and green.
I used a little glue to keep the fabric from covering his eyes.

I painted the base orange and glued the mummy wrap down inside the roll.

For Witch E.'s hat I cut out of black felt 2 two and half inch circles, one for the base and one for the top of her hat. I trimmed a little more than half, rolled it into a cone shape and hot glued it and then glued it to the base...I added a bow and a couple of flowers. I glued some wig hair to the bottom of the hat so when lifted off you wouldn't have hair in your candy corns. (yuck!)

 I used paint and a fine tip marker to do her face and make-up.
Now isn't she cute!
I painted Frank E.'s face on using paint and a fine black marker. Then I filled them with candy corns. Now let the party begin! Come join in at

A Little Knick Knack  Black Kats Design

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  1. Wow these are adorable!! What a fantastic idea! Cheap too. I love them!

  2. These are cute Cristie. Thank you for all of the detail in the instructions and pictures, that's great. I can't wait to try it!

  3. How cute! What a great idea! Spooky. ;) Thanks so much for sharing!!!

  4. Wow how CUTE are those! Oops...I mean creepy and scary those favors look:) But seriously, those are great, I can't paint a lick so I am jealous of those with that particular talent.


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