Welcome Spring

After a long winter I'm so excited for spring to finally really be here. I think I'm going to take a little break from blogging and really enjoy the season. I have so many projects that I'm really looking forward to working on. Hope you all have a wonderful Spring time!

Thursday, October 7

Beautiful Utah and her hidden treasures

There are so many beautiful places here in Utah it's amazing. I spent the other day with a couple of my dear friends driving around and looking at all the fall colors.
 We went to Cascade Springs up past Sundance, I have never been to this beautiful place before. It was a fun adventure. Thanks Janice and Jo for a lovely day.


  1. Beautiful pictures. So glad you guys got together and took a little day trip. Those are fun to do with good company. Hope you are doing ok. I'm hanging on. . . .again! Love ya, Karie

  2. These pictures are gorgeous. I don't know Utah at all so I feel better educated already!

    Thank you for your lovely comment. That Farrow and Ball colour is gorgeous. I can't imagine getting bored of it...ever!!



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