Welcome Spring

After a long winter I'm so excited for spring to finally really be here. I think I'm going to take a little break from blogging and really enjoy the season. I have so many projects that I'm really looking forward to working on. Hope you all have a wonderful Spring time!

Friday, February 4

Creamy Dresser

This is a dresser I just finished for a client. She plans on using it as a changing table for her new baby.
The dresser was just stained so I sanded it good and wiped it down with paint thinner. The paint thinner helps to clean all the dust off and any bits of varnish. Then I gave it a coat of cream paint. I have a compressor and paint sprayer and I love it. I do lots of furniture that I sell so the sprayer saves a lot of time and it goes on smooth and I don't get the brush strokes when painting with a brush.

I love the detail on the legs and the sanded edges really show it off.

I thought the top look really cool, I think the heavy sanding and staining really give it a interesting texture.

 I added some pretty glass knobs to finish it off.

The DIY Show Off


  1. So glad you posted your recent projects. Love everything you do. Hope you do well with the furniture sale. I don't think I am going to do anymore furniture! This buffet has been hard on me. Check it out on my blog and see what you would do with it. Something is missing with it. I want your expert opinion on it. Have a great weekend. And good luck with the sale. Love ya, Karie

  2. I;m sure she will love it...looks great!


  3. I love this for a changing table! So sweet! I love seeing your furniture!

  4. what a gorgeous dresser! i love it's profile and details! and i am with you- i love the look of the top!

  5. It was great before, but now it's scrumptious.

  6. This is great! I would love a dresser just like this.

  7. Oh I love the lines on this piece, I have one somewhat similar that I use as my kitchen island...maybe I should paint it creamy-white!


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