Welcome Spring

After a long winter I'm so excited for spring to finally really be here. I think I'm going to take a little break from blogging and really enjoy the season. I have so many projects that I'm really looking forward to working on. Hope you all have a wonderful Spring time!

Monday, October 18

Great finds

This was my haul from a weekend of yard sales a few weeks ago. I couldn't believe all the great stuff that people get rid of. Well I guess it's like they alway say, "One man's junk is so lucky ladies treasure." OK so I changed it a little.

Yard sales are the greatest! That's Miss Kitty under the ladder. She likes having her picture taken.

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  1. You got some great finds. I love yard sales.

    I can't wait to see how you use them.

    Janet @ Cul-de-Sac Chic

  2. Hey friend, glad the sale went well for you. Wish we could go junking together sometime. Maybe in the spring. Thanks for coming by the blog and leaving your sweet comments. I am doing much better, just a bump in the road. Love ya lots. Karie

  3. Forgot to tell ya, I love kitty. She is so cute under that ladder.

  4. I'm soooo lovin that OLD toolbox! Thanks for coming to my NTT party...hope you are having a fun time:)


  5. Great finds... love the vintage suitcase and old toolbox! Fun! Enjoy your finds...

  6. Wow. That is a huge haul. If you need a trailer to get it home, then it's a good day.

  7. Score! I'm loving the toolbox! Miss Kitty is too cute under the ladder! :)

  8. Great finds! That's an understatement! I'd go shopping with you anytime!

  9. That is just one amazing yard sale haul. I am jealous!


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